Rising Flour Prices Squeeze Household Budgets Across Pakistan

Flour price has experienced a sharp escalation across Pakistan, placing an additional burden on the already stretched budgets of households nationwide.

According to recent documents, a 20 kg bag of flour has reached an alarming cost of Rs. 2,986, marking an increase of Rs. 72.55 within one week.

The data reveals that, on average, the price of flour has risen by Rs. 3 per kg over the course of a week, resulting in a national average of Rs. 2,986.67 for a 20 kg bag. However, the impact is not evenly distributed across the country, with residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad facing the brunt of the surge, being compelled to purchase a 20 kg bag of flour at the same national average price.

The cost of a 20 kg bag of flour in Bunnu surged to Rs 2,950, adding to the challenges faced by consumers. In other major cities, the price variations continue, with Multan witnessing a 20 kg bag selling at Rs 2,906, while Hyderabad records a price of Rs 2,880. In Khuzdar and Quetta, the commodity is available for Rs 2,870 and Rs 2,850, respectively.

Peshawar reports a price of Rs 2,870 for a 20 kg bag of flour, while Sargodha, Sialkot, and Gujranwala share a common price of Rs 2,867. The situation is slightly better in Lahore, where the commodity is priced at Rs 2,850, and Faisalabad and Karachi report the lowest prices at Rs 2,800, according to official documents.

The surge in flour prices has raised concerns among consumers who are already grappling with inflation and economic challenges. Families, particularly in Rawalpindi and Islamabad where the cost is highest, find themselves adjusting their budgets to accommodate this unexpected spike in essential commodity prices.

The flour price increase comes following a hike in wheat prices after the Punjab government issued a higher expected wheat release price of Rs 4,700 per 40kg for flour mills last week after consultations with the IMF Delegation.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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