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President Criticizes NUST for Not Refunding Over $10,000 to Student

President Dr. Arif Alvi has directed the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) to return $11,270 to a student who withdrew from the university 15 years ago. As per reports, NUST retained the fee instead of returning it.

The President criticized NUST for its mismanagement and unjust retention of fees. The case was brought to the President’s attention in 2022. Dr. Alvi emphasized that NUST is a government-run agency and not a private commercial organization. Any provision in NUST’s prospectus must be compliant with the law.

He stated that no policy or code of conduct can override Pakistan’s constitutional provisions that protect individuals’ rights and prevent exploitation. Dr. Alvi condemned NUST withholding the student fees as exploitative and dishonest.

The President clarified that the student’s provisional admission could not be converted into final admission because NUST had given the vacant seat to another student. The refusal to refund the fees amounted to coercion and confiscation. He emphasized that if admission is not finalized and NUST does not suffer financial loss, the student is entitled to a refund.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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