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PCB Faces Backlash for Not Giving Due Credit to Multan Sutlans

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) came under scrutiny following the release of a press statement regarding updates on players’ injuries, which triggered widespread backlash.

In a recent press release, it was announced that Dr. Javed Mughal, a renowned UK-based consultant sports physiotherapist, has conducted assessments on right-arm pacers Arshad Iqbal and Zeeshan Zameer, both of whom are dealing with ankle injuries.

The evaluations took place at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Lahore. Dr. Mughal also assessed the injured left-arm wrist spinner Sufiyan Muqeem.

Additionally, the update mentions that Dr. Javed Mughal is scheduled to meet with Dr. Sohail Saleem, Director of Medical and Sports Sciences at PCB, on Monday to discuss and present his detailed reports. The meeting aims to devise further plans and strategies for the optimal recovery and rehabilitation of the injured bowlers.

The PCB is currently facing public backlash for neglecting to acknowledge Multan Sultans in their press release, despite the team taking the initiative and bearing the associated costs. There has been widespread discontent among the public due to the absence of any words of appreciation for Multan Sultans in the official statement.

Multan Sultans were the first to enlist Dr. Javed Mughal for their team, taking a proactive step in initiating his involvement. Now, the PCB is set to hire him to mentor and guide young cricketers. However, despite this significant move, the PCB has faced strong backlash from the public, with no words of appreciation mentioned for their initiative.


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