IAF Officer and Nuclear Scientist Fall for Same Pakistani “Female” Agent


As per Indian media reports, the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in India also implicated an Indian Air Force (IAF) Corporal Nikhil Shinde in the alleged ‘honeytrap’ espionage case involving the nuclear scientist Pradeep Kurulkar which was reported earlier this month.

According to details, the IAF Corporal has also fallen victim to a similar ‘honey trap’ set up by Pakistani intelligence. Currently, he is being interrogated by Air Force officials and has provided a statement to the ATS, which has been recorded in court, as per the ATS.

Although he is not considered an accused party in the case, ATS officials have informed the court that their technical investigations revealed that the messages sent to both Kurulkar and Sheinde originated from IP addresses in Pakistan.

Further investigations have uncovered several emails sent to Kurulkar from Pakistan, raising suspicions that he may have shared sensitive information that could potentially compromise national security.

The laptop and mobile phone seized from Kurulkar have already undergone technical analysis, and a report on the findings has been received. The ATS is seeking to extract additional information from Kurulkar’s mobile phone while he remains in custody.

Source: Pro Pakistani