Honda Announces Improved 0% Markup Installment Plan for Bikes


Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) has once again announced a 0% markup installment plan for its best-selling bikes. Although, now, more people can avail of the offer instead of just Bank Alfalah credit card holders.

The details of the plan are as follows:

While a useful installment plan, it still has certain limitations. According to the details, the 0% markup can only be availed by the credit card holders of the aforementioned banks.

Furthermore, the offer is only available at Daraz’s official store and extends up to 12 months only. In comparison, Pak Suzuki Motor Company’s (PSMC) 0% markup plan has a payment period of up to two years.

Additionally, Suzuki’s plan is open to all eligible customers, regardless of their credit or debit card affiliations. Honda’s plan is only limited to CD70 and CG125, while Suzuki’s plan is available for all its bikes.

To sum up, out of the ‘big three’ in the two-wheeler industry (Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki), Suzuki has the best installment plan for its customers. Although, Honda’s plan will also likely attract a large number of buyers.

Source: Pro Pakistani