Famous British Youtuber Exposes Indian Fans Hatred Against Pakistan


Renowned British YouTuber, Phil Bland, witnessed the massive World Cup 2023 clash between arch-rivals Pakistan and India in Ahmedabad on 14 October.

During the India-Pakistan match, Phil Bland talked with some Indian supporters in the stadium, where he asked them about their feelings on Pakistan.

The short video has since gone viral on social media for the shocking comments made by the Indian fans.

Check out the video:

The Indian supporters displayed strong negative sentiments when Phil Bland asked one of them, “Do you not think there are any good Pakistani people?” The Indian supporter responded with a straightforward “NO.”

When Phil Bland said, “I know many good Indian people, and I know many good Pakistani people,” one of the Indian supporters responded, “According to our Indian history, we don’t like Pakistan, and we also hate terrorism.”

Furthermore, one Indian fan said to Bland, “There was a rule of Pakistanis during which they committed horrific acts of terrorism against our Indian women.”

Meanwhile, these negative thoughts and hatred of India towards Pakistan are reflected in World Cup 2023, with the Pakistani side facing abuse at the hands of Indian fans in Ahmedabad. More such incidents have also surfaced since then.

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Source: Pro Pakistani