28,000 Hujjaj receive Aabe-e-Zamzam during return journey: PHM

Pakistan Hajj Mission in Madinah has announced that Aabe-e-Zamzam was provided to 28,000 Hujjaj while they were returning to their homes. Radio Pakistan's Correspondent in Madinah Bilal Khan Mehsud reports that the Aabe-Zamzam is being provided at Madinah and Jeddah airports to the Hujjaj in a hassle free manner. Under the Zamzam policy, all the pilgrims traveling through PIA would book Zamzam with their luggage at Jeddah and Madinah Airports, except for Quetta and Sukkur. It is noteworthy that Zamzam is being provided to the pilgrims of Quetta and Sukkur on arrival at the Pakistani airports. All pilgrims traveling by Air Blue, Air Sial and Serene Air are being provided with a 5 liter bottle of Zamzam per passport. In this regard, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has also displayed the names and contact numbers of the focal persons of the respective Haji camps and airlines on its official social media platforms for guidance in case of any kind of problem in the provision of Zamzam. Source: Radio Paki stan