[INVNT GROUP]™, the Global Brand Storytelling and Marketing Agency Portfolio, Marks a New Era in Global Expansion with Significant Advances in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

From Expo2020 Dubai, to Audi, and technological world-firsts at COP28, the agency portfolio is powering immersive brand activations, campaigns and strategies, engaging local audiences, leaders, and the international community throughout the region

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — [INVNT GROUP] THE GLOBAL BRANDSTORY PROJECT™ strengthens its commitment to EMEA and the UAE, growing it’s local Dubai team and full-service, integrated, strategic, and experiential marketing services to partners and clients including PepsiCo (Aquafina, Gatorade, Lay’s, Rockstar Energy), Audi, COP28, Emirates Airline, and more.

The group represents a growing portfolio of complementary disciplines designed to help forward-thinking challenger brands everywhere, impact the audiences that matter, both globally and locally.

[INVNT GROUP] established its presence in the UAE with the architecting of three interactive, award-winning PepsiCo pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai (2021), which featured activations with hall-of-fame athletes Lionel Messi, Serena Williams, and Usain Bolt, welcoming over 24 Million people across 6 months. The success of the global gathering led to the INVNT-produced launch event of PepsiCo’s Rockstar Energy, a market-first in the region, setting the stage for a series of milestone campaigns and projects including: COP28 in Dubai, Audi’s Investor Gala at the Geneva International Motorshow in Qatar, and the Emirates Airline debut of their industry first, immersive experience employee training platform, MIRA, at the Dubai Air Show.

For COP28, INVNT designed, produced, and project managed a series of activations, seamlessly integrating the traditionally separate Blue and Green Zones into a comprehensive experience at the repurposed Expo city site, accommodating for a daily crowd of 70,000 attendees.

INVNT’s activations at COP28 included:

  • The “Tree of Life”: A world-first, interactive, Artificial Intelligence powered digital art installation and contemporary symbol of environmental sustainability, educating attendees about the key themes and topics of COP28. The AI-generative art experience allowed for individuals to pledge commitment to global environmental sustainability.
  • The Stella McCartney Marketplace: An experience spotlighting product displays and information on the LVMH brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and conscious luxury movement.
  • One World One Humanity: A large-scale interactive entertainment performance using human-driven, larger-than-life characters to deliver a narrative inspired by COP28’s central message: “UNITE. ACT. DELIVER”, while celebrating our planetary connection through a unified lens.
  • The CNN x United Nations Foundation Exhibition: An educational immersive experience focusing on the climate crisis’s impact on gender inequality, displaying powerful film and imagery captured by Global South female photojournalists.
  • “Energy for Health” Activation (collaboration between the World Health Organization, Selco Foundation, and UNICEF): An immersive educational experience highlighting the importance of solar energy in delivering medical services to remote regions, showcased through compelling films and innovative technical solutions.

“Our investment across global geographies and the rapidly expanding UAE market, has endowed us with a specialized expertise, where innovative storytelling and technological mastery are not just aspirations but realities. Through projects like COP28, Expo 2020 Dubai, Emirates’ MIRA and others, our global team has immersed itself in the vibrant UAE ecosystem, where technology serves a cornerstone of society – reshaping our social fabric and global economy. We are not mere participants in this transformative era; we are leading the storytelling narratives, that elevate and define brands throughout the region and beyond, on the global stage. Through our commitments to impact driven marketing and audience engagement, we continue to deliver world class experiences, cultivating new strategic partnerships, and offering unparalleled value to our clients, partners, and stakeholders. Our mission is to weave a panoply of global communities, guided by the vision that creativity and technology are the lodestars of our collective future,” said Scott Cullather, President & CEO of [INVNT GROUP] and CEO of INVNT.ATOM.

The group has also grown its local partnerships and teams across various business units including INVNT™ the live brand storytelling agency, and INVNT.ATOM™, the digital innovation and Web3 agency based in Singapore. INVNT.ATOM recently launched BZAR™, the group’s patent-pending, self-funded, content-led immersive digital platform, built exclusively for brands and fans.

INVNT.ATOM – in partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and other tech partners – powered the Dubai Airshow debut of Emirates Airlines’ immersive employee experience platform ‘MIRA’, which uses extended reality (iXR) to train new joiners and will revolutionize employee training. VR offers realistic simulations, providing hands-on experience without the physical constraints, enhancing how skills are taught and learned through greater consistency of message, increased engagement, and retention, while offering safe and scalable training environments redefining the future of employee learning.

“In today’s rapidly evolving global landscape, our focus across the group is squarely on engaging both global and local audiences through immersive brand storytelling. We’re not just expanding our reach in the UAE and world at large, we’re redefining frontiers of engagement by creating experiences that resonate universally while honoring local narratives and cultures; inspiring new dialogues, fostering connection, and pioneering alongside brands looking to reach new plateaus of audience engagement. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, challenging everything, and leveraging the power of next-generation creativity and technology to build bridges between diverse communities and creating a truly global impact,” said Kristina McCoobery, CEO of INVNT and COO of [INVNT GROUP].

At the Geneva International Motorshow, INVNT partnered with Audi to produce the Investors Gala and Dealer Event in the National Museum of Doha (Qatar), unveiling the future of automotive innovation, and showcasing the company’s 2024 advancement strategy in the UAE and beyond.

“We are committed to deepening our connections and partnerships with brands, organizations, and the local UAE community. Our team blends global vision with local insights and tactics, ensuring our initiatives resonate meaningfully in the region. This approach allows us to contribute positively to the region’s growth while embracing and learning from its technological ethos and rich cultural heritage,” said Farah Hindiyeh, Managing Director of INVNT Dubai. 


[INVNT GROUP] THE GLOBAL BRANDSTORY PROJECT™ is a growing portfolio of complementary disciplines designed to help forward-thinking organizations everywhere, impact the audiences that matter, anywhere, with offices in New York, London, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, San Francisco, Mumbai , Stockholm, Detroit, and Washington D.C. Led by President and CEO, Scott Cullather, [INVNT GROUP]™ was established as a growing evolution of the live global brand storytelling agency INVNT™, with a vision to provide engaging, well-articulated, impactful brand stories across all platforms.

The GROUP consists of: modern brand strategy firm, Folk Hero™; creative-led culture consultancy, Meaning; production studio & creative agency, HEVĒ™; events for colleges and universities, INVNT Higher Ed; digital innovation division, INVNT.ATOM™; creative multimedia experience studio, Hypnogram™ITP Live (Any Venue Video, Thunder Audio, In Sync), portfolio of full-service production for live entertainment; and the original live global brand storytelling agency, INVNT.

For more information visit www.invntgroup.com


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President Alvi Empowers FTO to Take Suo Motu Action Against FBR Malpractice

President Arif Alvi has declared that the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) is fully authorized to initiate a Suo Motu Investigation for any alleged maladministration committed by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) officials. The President has rejected six representations filed by the FBR against the order of the FTO. Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) had directed the FBR to inspect the subject six cases to ensure that action is initiated and concluded as per information provided by FTO during instant investigations. The Chief Commissioner LTO Islamabad to identify the officers who are responsible for the unwarranted delay and resultant loss of revenue. The said Own Motion investigations were initiated in terms of Section 9(1) of the Federal Tax Ombudsman Ordinance, 2000 (FTO Ordinance) because the FTO Secretariat has evidence-based information that some of the most meaningful and innovative initiatives of FBR's officers and field formations stand diluted and washed away due to follow up failure, frequent posting transfers of officers and massive changes of jurisdictions. Moreover, through In-House Analysis FTO Secretariat has also identified that though FBR and its dozens of field formations maintain an organized web portal, rich data center, exhaustive databases, elaborate and comprehensive operational soft wares and houses a full-fledged and home-grown IT support system i.e., Pakistan Automation (Pvt) Ltd (PRAL), yet neither FBR HQs nor its any single field formation maintains any IT based tracking system, archiving various valuable initiatives and ventures made by different FBR's organizations, officers, teams or specially created cells from time to time. Therefore, it was reasonably assumed that in most cases the good job done is wasted, diluted, or compromised with the transfer of individuals, dissolution of units/ cells, and takeover by new managers. While conducting the aforesaid In-House Analysis, the FTO Secretariat has information on record that a list of potential cases of tax evasion, (including the aforementioned cases) along with a detailed Investigation Report and case Study was prepared and shared by the Directorate General (DG), broadening the tax base (BTB) FBR. This valuable information was duly shared in December 2018, with the concerned field formations for taking action against said entities for not declaring true particulars of their receipts/income and not discharging their responsibilities as withholding agents. However, in 2019, FBR's management suddenly shelved this whole BTB regime overnight disbanding BTB Zones Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The office of DG BTB was relegated to a ceremonial entity assigned as an additional charge. Thus, in addition to losing an effective organization, the repository of the whole above data/information was suddenly rendered extinct. Such a kneejerk attitude of FBR reflects clear maladministration i.e. neglect, inattention, delay, incompetence, inefficiency, and ineptitude, in the administration or discharge of duties and responsibilities. FTO's in-house analysis was mainly based on investigation reports generated by DG BTB which clearly shows that the above concerns were not declaring the true particulars of Income and were not discharging their responsibilities as withholding agents. To make out foolproof cases, the total receipts of the said companies were obtained by DG BTB from the data hosted by the International Aid Transparency Initiative, which was compared with the declared receipts in the tax returns. Huge discrepancies were observed casting doubt about tax evasion by the above companies. A detailed analysis was provided to the department discussing parameters and extent of tax evasion. However, after the disbanding of the BTB office, progress on this case was not known. It seems that the valuable information shared with the field formations was lost due to the inattention, incompetence, and ineptitude of the officers holding jurisdiction in this case. The President ruled that the FTO is fully authorized to initiate a Suo Moto Investigation for any alleged maladministration on the part of the Revenue Division or any tax employee. Thus, the department's objection is untenable. Hence, FBR is to submit a holistic report in this regard to the FTO's Secretariat within 90 days positively explaining its stance. The President said that the statutory body is duty-bound under the law to perform its functions/duties by law. It has been observed that action regarding the identification of a responsible officer if required, has been left to be taken by the department itself. Needless to mention in case any departmental action is proposed against any official, he/she will be afforded the due opportunity of explaining reasons and defense to satisfy the requirement of due prod natural justice. Thus, in the circumstances of the case, the representations are liable to be disposed of accordingly, the President's order maintained. Accordingly, the President, as per his decision, has to dispose of the representations of FBR, the order added.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Mohammad Waseem Wants to Train Young Boxers to Win Medals for Pakistan

Pakistan's elite boxer, Mohammad Waseem, conveyed on Tuesday that if the country's best talent is given to him for six months with all the appropriate training facilities he can transform them into medal winners at the world level. Wasim raised questions about the training methods adopted by the Pakistani authorities in the present era. 'Boxing has completely changed now,' Waseem stated. The three-time WBC world silver flyweight champion said, 'What we are doing is just a waste of time and money. We have a fine lot but we need to develop and train them according to modern techniques. Things have changed. I know how to train boxers and get the best out of them. I have worked with the world's top trainers and nutritionists and know exactly the requirements of modern boxing. I know how to develop a fighter. If the top six boxers of Pakistan are given to me for six months I guarantee that they will be ready to win medals at the world level.' Waseem added, 'Recently when I went to England for training I saw that it was very advanced training and we cannot even think of it here. The world's top trainers were there. Boxing is a science and the way we train our fighters is obsolete. We need to train our fighters on modern footing, which is the only way to claim medals at major levels,' The 2014 Asian Games, Incheon, bronze medalist further added, 'Diet has a solid role in a fighter's development. I have worked with the world's leading nutritionist who is Irish. I know what is required. I will work on the bodies of the boxers and their weight training and they will not feel anything as their energy level will be very high.' Waseem said that hiring a US-origin coach is the way forward, 'US's boxing level is very high. I have trained there and know the environment. A US coach will be costly but he will transform Pakistan's boxing.' 'We already have used Cuban coaches but they have not been so successful. Yes Cuba is very strong in boxing but the coaching level of the US is very strong and hiring a US coach may help Pakistan a lot,' were Waseem's words. He concluded, 'Without a nutritionist, nothing can be achieved. It's not the time to win medals by eating biryani and samosa.'

Source: Pro Pakistani