Zoomlion Highlights Truck Cranes and Environmentally-friendly Mixer Truck at Hunan Product Fair


CHANGSHA, China, Oct. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion), one of China’s top construction machinery manufacturers, exhibited the brand’s industry-leading truck crane and mixer truck at the 2018 Hunan Product Fair (the “Fair”) in Karachi, Pakistan.

Qiu Yihua, the General Manager of Pakistan branch company of Zoomlion, remarked that Pakistan is a country of strategic significance in China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative, and since Zoomlion’s entry into the Pakistani market in 2006, more than 1,000 pieces of Zoomlion’s equipment are operating in the country. “Zoomlion’s subsidiary in Pakistan has become a fully-localized platform with operations in import and export, custom clearance and logistics, spare parts supply, client training, sales and services as well as financial services. We have offices in major Pakistani cities including Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore,” Qiu Yihua said.

Combining cutting-edge technology and top-notch safety features, the QY25 truck crane was the centerpiece of Zoomlion’s exhibition at the Fair. The fully-upgraded smart controls optimize performance and smooth operations, guaranteeing not just efficiency but also increased safety of operators, the equipment and the construction project.

In addition, Zoomlion’s mixer truck demonstrated the company’s sustainable development strategy. The concrete-mixing machine includes environmentally-friendly features but doesn’t compromise on efficiency with its top MC series engine.

During the three-day Fair, Zoomlion engaged a large number of customers. Buyers who’ve previously purchased Zoomlion products who came to the Fair spoke highly of the equipment’s quality while establishing contact for future services.

Over the past 12 years, Zoomlion has established a spare parts system and logistics network in Pakistan that covers the whole country. The company’s products have participated in top Pakistani construction projects such as the M5 highway, K2/K3 nuclear power plant, QASIM coal-fired power plant, Gulpur hydropower plant, Karachi city sanitation project and more.

About Zoomlion

Founded in 1992, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion) is a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise that integrates engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and financial services. The company sells nearly 800 cutting-edge products from 49 product lines covering nine major categories. Zoomlion is China’s first construction machinery company to be listed on both the Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges.

For more information, please visit http://en.zoomlion.com/.

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