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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Feb. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE / Knowledgebylanes) — East meets West as www.iGrandBazaar.com launches a new online shopping platform to bring the buzz of the most famous Eastern bazaars to consumers everywhere. iGrandBazaar whose vision is to be the Eastern ‘Grand Bazaar on the Internet’ is currently looking to sign up sellers before the launch of its marketplace in spring 2015. A sign-in page for sellers has gone live at www.iGrandBazaar.com and the company is inviting sellers from Turkey, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Central Asia, UAE, Persian and Arabic speaking countries to register their products on iGrandBazaar -from jewellery souq to Designer boutiques to bazaar bargain souvenirs- iGrandBazaar will be a 1 stop shop for all things Eastern.

The idea behind this new venture is to bring the Eastern bazaars online focusing primarily on reviving the image of Eastern countries in the West and showcase the Eastern arts, crafts, and culture. It’s a virtual celebration of diversity with Turkish, Moroccan, Pakistani, Arab, Indian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian items from the bazaars all on one website. iGrandBazaar provides Eastern countries with opportunities to share their culture globally. We believe in education through the language of art, home decoration, furniture, rugs, jewellery, gifts, souvenirs, cosmetics, antiques and fashion; something that we feel can break through even the toughest cultural barriers because once the product is in their home, it’s in their hearts!

The new international online shopping bazaar eliminates the cost for artisans, retailers and designers to set up their own online store and endeavours to become an online marketing expert. Registration and showcasing up to 100 products is free unlike other ecommerce platforms which charge listing fees per product.  iGrandBazaar is also one of the few ONLINE marketplace that also allows custom products order -so the product does not have to be IN STOCK in order to be listed, it can be labeled a custom product and created as per demand and be promised to deliver to the customer within 60 days.

About Us

The www.iGrandBazaar.com vision is to be the Eastern ‘Grand Bazaar on the Internet’.

A Cultural Paradise

iGrandBazaar is empowering communities, preserving cultural arts and crafts and celebrating diversity. We are celebrating the heart of every Eastern city’s bustling, colorful, commercial hub – the bazaar.

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