Used Car Dealership Staff Assaults Pakwheels Car Inspector on Identifying Flaws


There have been numerous cases involving cars that look nice and shiny on the outside and are in ‘showroom condition’ as per the used car dealers but are often found to be hiding secrets that can only be spotted by a trained eye.

A terrible incident recently occurred at a car dealership on Jail Road, Lahore, according to the Director of Automotive Services at Pakwheels, Adnan Khalid Butt. He stated that a bank had hired the Pakwheels to have a car inspected on 2 April. The car in question was an Audi A3 sedan at the used car dealership Qureshi & Dogar Motors.

Butt added that a car inspection expert, Arslan Ali, had been sent to the dealership to inspect the sedan.

Following the standard practice, Ali began a thorough examination of the vehicle and discovered that its body panels had been repainted, which was likely to significantly decrease its value.

Upon noticing the inspector’s evaluation, one of the owners of the showroom started threatening the inspector and used foul language.

The showroom staff allegedly proceeded to tie Ali to an erected pipe, snatched his inspection equipment and mobile phone, and threatened the senior staff members of Pakwheels over the phone.

After receiving the call, the senior staff members, including the Director of Automotive Services, arrived at the dealership to rescue the inspection officer.

However, the staff members of several neighboring dealerships reportedly formed a mob and began threatening and verbally abusing the senior staff members.

Butt added that one of the dealership owners assaulted him and the other members of the team. The other owner of the dealership allegedly brandished a handgun to threaten the team. Butt further stated that a senior staff member sustained a shattered kneecap as a result of direct physical assault by the second owner.

Upon being notified about the incident, the police arrived on the scene and apprehended both the owners of the dealership. Butt said that an FIR has been filed against the perpetrators and that the concerned authorities have assured the victims that they will take legal action for them.

This incident had taken place in broad daylight and this negates the possibility of any confusion about the identities of either the victims or the accused. It also serves to expose the mindset, audacity, and viciousness of some used car dealership owners in the country.

Whether a used car dealership is trustworthy or not depends on the dealership itself. There are some dealerships that have earned good reputations but there are also others that are blatantly nefarious and crooked.

In light of this event, it is wise for all car buyers to remain vigilant and to practice their right to have their chosen cars thoroughly assessed by a recognized inspection service before buying to avoid such mishaps.