Shanghai becomes a leader in availability of citywide gigabit services


SHANGHAI, Oct. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On October 24, China Telecom subsidiary Shanghai Telecom announced the completion of its gigabit fiber network deployment program. The company now leads the world by providing 10Gps throughout the citywide wireline broadband access network. US-based consulting firm Arthur D Little indicated that Shanghai now rivals Singapore and Qatar as one of the top economies in terms of the adoption of fiber connection services and the breadth of its gigabit capabilities throughout the city.

Shanghai Telecom general manager Ma Yimin said, “Shanghai has become the first city across the globe providing a citywide gigabit connection, demonstrating the success of its implementation of a strategy to boost China’s economic development via the provision of leading networking capabilities. With the faster connection, Shanghai has taken a big step in enhancing the quality of life for anyone and everyone living in the city.”

In celebration of the milestone for the communications industry, the company launched a media campaign on social platforms, giving internet users resident in Shanghai the opportunity to showcase China Telecom’s insight into the meaning of a smart city by nominating street and lanes that embody the history and characteristics of the renowned “City by the Sea”, with participants winning specially designed cans issued by Shanghai Telecom commemorating the city’s gigabit coverage. One thousand streets and lanes were finally selected to be printed on the limited-edition cans that were then distributed among the internet users. About 40 million internet users participated in the campaign.

Shanghai Telecom has completed the deployment of the gigabit network connecting nearly 20,000 communities across the city, providing 10 million households with access to a 150Mps bandwidth connection capable of supporting multichannel 4K video, online games and everything that is needed for the smart home.