Severe Fuel Shortage Forces PIA to Cancel Dozens of Flights


Passengers continue to face problems as Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been grappling with fuel shortage for the last few days.

Hundreds of travelers suffered on Tuesday after dozens of PIA flights were either canceled or rescheduled. According to reports, the national carrier canceled 24 flights, which included 13 international and 11 domestic flights.

Furthermore, 12 other flights were delayed yesterday due to fuel shortage as well as other operational issues. Additionally, PIA has also announced to cancel another 24 flights today, including 16 international and eight domestic.

Talking to a local media outlet, a PIA spokesperson confirmed that the flights were canceled due to an inadequate supply of fuel.

He requested the passengers to contact the PIA call center, PIA offices, or their travel agent to get information about their flights before heading to the airport.

List of Cancelled Flights:

Here is the list of flights that have been canceled for Wednesday.

Flight Number Route

PK-331 Multan to Karachi

PK-181 Islamabad to Sharjah

PK-233 Islamabad to Dubai

PK-263/264 Lahore to Abu Dhabi (Two-way)

PK-258/257 Sharjah to Peshawar (Two-way)

PK-182 Sharjah to Islamabad

PK-284 Dubai to Peshawar

PK-217 Peshawar to Abu Dhabi

PK-262 Abu Dhabi to Islamabad

PK-281/282 Sialkot to Muscat (Two-way)

PK-205/206 Lahore to Kuwait (Two-way)

PK-293/294 Multan to Sharjah (Two-way)

PK-451/452 Islamabad to Skardu (Two-way)

PK-601/602 Islamabad to Gilgit (Two-way)

PK-368/369 Karachi to Islamabad (Two-way)

PK-330 Karachi to Multan

PK-211/212 Islamabad to Dubai (Two-way)

PK-221/222 Multan to Dubai (Two-way)

PK-179/180 Sialkot to Dubai (Two-way)

It should be noted that the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has asked for Rs. 100 million daily to resume the fuel supply to normal level. Recently, Caretaker PM had ordered to expedite the privatization process of PIA.

Source: Pro Pakistani