Punjab Government to Hold Summer Games With 54 Sports

The Punjab government has decided to hold the 2023 Summer Games with a record number of 54 sports events. The decision was made at a meeting chaired by Punjab Chief Minister (CM), Syed Mohsin Naqvi.

The games will feature a variety of sports, including cricket, hockey, football, shooting ball, athletics, snooker, and badminton. Prize money of over Rs. 1 billion will be awarded to the winning teams and athletes, according to a news report by 24News.

The games are expected to attract a large number of participants from all over Punjab, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent and compete for the top prizes. The games will also be a chance for the government to showcase its commitment to sports and its support for the development of athletes.

The venues for the games have not been finalized yet, but they are expected to be located in major cities across Punjab. The games are expected to be a major sporting event in Pakistan and will be a great opportunity for athletes from all over the country to compete at the highest level.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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