Palestine’s observer to UN: Monday’s incidents an ‘odious massacre’


New York (UNA-OIC) � Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour said Israel's occupation of Palestinian land was the main source of tension in the region, describing Monday's killing of at least 60 protesters and the injury of more than 1,300 by Israeli snipers as an odious massacre.

The provocative transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem violated UN Security Council resolutions, Mansour told an emergency meeting of the Council on Monday. He emphasized that no country has the right to imperil Palestinian territory under occupation, especially since the status of Jerusalem should be determined through negotiations.

How many more Palestinians have to die before you take action?, he asked, wondering how Council members would react if unarmed demonstrators had been killed in similar circumstances in their own countries. Our people have waited for a long time. We can no longer wait for an end to this injustice, the Palestinian observer said.


Source: International Islamic News Agency