Pakistan’s Top CxOs Converge on an Up-And-Coming Networking Forum


Business leaders of the world have an important role to play in ensuring organizational success as well as the socioeconomic uplift of the societies they represent or operate in. While they race for business growth, they must also take it upon themselves to empower the people they do business with and create opportunities for them. In today’s increasingly digital world, that means leveraging innovation and technology in the simplest, yet smartest ways possible so those excluded from the prevalent systems can also be brought into the mainstream.

But they can achieve little working in silos. For a change that’s significant and truly impacts the society and business, they need to exchange ideas, knowledge, and learnings of success and challenges. Where one business has shot up, the other may struggle to stay buoyant. While a certain strategy tanks for one business model, it may give another the proverbial wings. And how dramatically this success or adversity shapes a business’s identity and its surroundings is also invaluable knowledge.

All of this needs to be shared among those who drive the change and help shape the world. That’s where robust networking platforms like the CxO Global Forum come into play. It invites innovation frontrunners and business thought leaders of the world to converge and build a strong community of change-makers. On the platform, challenges are worked out, solutions discussed, and ways to positively reflect the business success on society are explored. Fostering innovative thinking, the CxO Global Forum is on a mission to shape a sustainable future through the enablement of business leaders.

The network is an invitation-only membership exclusively for the CxOs and country heads of the world’s largest and most influential companies. They are brought together by top journal editors, global analysts, and key thought leaders with the purpose of identifying key challenges in technology and new opportunities for innovation that will unlock value for their organizations and the people. The forum is to get global exposure, especially in digital transformation and innovation around the globe in the near future.

In Pakistan too, the CxO Global Forum has seen huge traction and has been joined by the likes of Abid Zaidi – Country General Manager at Microsoft, Abdul Rahim Ahmed – Chief Information Officer at SECP, Ali Kakvi – Marketing Director at OPPO Pakistan, Atyab Tahir – Country Manager at MasterCard, Atif Hafeez – Country Head, CFO & Board Member at IBEX, Naveed Siraj – Country Head at Dell, Maheen Rehman – CEO Alfalah Group, and Ashfaque Ahmed – CIO at EFU Life, among many others.

The platform offers its member CxOs numerous opportunities to connect with other business leaders, collaborate on ideas and solutions, and create a web of progressive career opportunities. The global exposure that the CxO Global Forum gives to its members is immense: monthly online meet-ups, numerous discussion programs on the network’s own TECH TV, and the sheer ability to connect with the world’s eminent business leaders allow them to project their ideas in a more impactful manner.

In Pakistan alone, the forum has over 100 members. Those who join the CxO Global Forum report vast learning opportunities surrounding business technology and transformation, besides a powerful networking edge. They’re able to socialize, connect, and collaborate on real, life-changing solutions with the world’s brightest minds in business and innovation. With the rapid growth of its members’ network, the CxO Global Forum is eyeing expansion into the UAE, MENA, Australia, and the UK markets by the close of July 2020.


Source: Propakistani