Pakistan to Face India in 1st Match of 2023 SAFF Championship [Schedule]


Excitement builds as the schedule for the highly anticipated SAFF Championship 2023 has been officially released. The tournament, set to take place in India, promises to be a thrilling display of football prowess.

Group A, comprising Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Kuwait, will witness a series of gripping matches that are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

One of the standout fixtures of the group stage will undoubtedly be the clash between arch-rivals Pakistan and India on 21 June. The fierce rivalry between these two nations always adds an extra layer of intensity to their encounters, and fans from both sides will eagerly await this showdown.

Following this high-stakes match, Pakistan will then take on Kuwait on 24 June. Kuwait, known for their strong defensive tactics, will be determined to prove their mettle against the Pakistani side.

On 27 June, Pakistan will conclude their group stage matches with a face-off against Nepal, a team known for their technical finesse and quick attacking style.

With all matches taking place at the magnificent Sree Kanteerava Stadium, football enthusiasts can expect a fantastic atmosphere and top-class football action. It is bound to be a thrilling tournament that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the footballing landscape of South Asia.

Here is the full schedule:

Fixture Date Time

Kuwait vs Nepal 21 June 3:00 PM

Pakistan vs India 21 June 7:00 PM

Lebanon vs Bangladesh 22 June 3:00 PM

Maldives vs Bhutan 22 June 7:00 PM

Pakistan vs Kuwait 24 June 3:00 PM

Nepal vs India 24 June 7:00 PM

Bangladesh vs Maldives 25 June 3:00 PM

Bhutan vs Lebanon 25 June 7:00 PM

Pakistan vs Nepal 27 June 3:00 PM

Kuwait vs India 27 June 7:00 PM

Lebanon vs Maldives 28 June 3:00 PM

Bangladesh vs Bhutan 28 June 7:00 PM

Semi-final 1 1 July 3:00 PM

Semi-final 2 1 July 7:00 PM

Final 4 July 7:00 PM

Source: Pro Pakistani