Pak Datacom Limited’s Profit Grows 367% in FY 2019


Pak Datacom Limited (PDL), a telecom infrastructure provider and a data network operator, recorded a massive growth in its profit for the financial year 2018 19 compared to the previous fiscal year.

According to its financial report, it recorded a profit of Rs. 88. 4 million in the outgoing financial year compared to Rs. 18.9 million recorded in the financial year 2017 18.

PDL's revenue for FY 19 stands at Rs. 933.88 million compared to Rs. 798.06 million last year, showing a 17 percent increase year on year.

In the past six years, the company's profitability gradually declined from Rs. 96 million to Rs. 18.9 million. PDL's profit went down as low as Rs. 11.6 million in FY17, only to increase nearly 400% thanks to extraordinary financial and operational performance.

Last year, the company provided state of the art technologies to its corporate customers and enforced effective measures to enhance revenue from its regular business.

In addition to growing its existing business, the company made strides to capitalize on new profitable and sustainable revenue opportunities in line with the incoming global and local market trends.

Pak Datacom Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Telecom Foundation working under the umbrella of the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication, which has an equity share of 55%, whereas 45% of investment in the company is made by the general public and foreign investors.

The company offers services in diversified fields including VSAT, iDirect, DXX (Digital Cross Connect), telecom infrastructures such as wireless solutions and fiber optics. It provides services to various sectors including banking, telecom providers, government departments, oil and gas companies and etc.

PDL has a telecommunication infrastructure license and a 20 year experience of countrywide development. It has 13 offices in the country, 11 round the clock maintenance centers, more than seventy five engineers and more than sixty technical staff members.

Future Plans

PDL plans to concentrate more on the core business of DXX and VSAT based data services by providing backhaul services and enhancing loyalty relationships with present customers and other allied businesses. Keeping this strategy intact, PDL will participate in major government, national and international projects

The agreements for the supply and commissioning of telecom equipment to strategic organizations are now becoming a major revenue stream for the company.

Source: Pro Pakistani