OIC calls on Libyan parties to exercise restraint, resolve differences by peaceful means

Government & Politics

Jeddah The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) expressed concern over the military escalation in Libya's capital Tripoli, and called on all parties to exercise maximum restraint and avoid any armed escalation that could lead to total chaos that threatens security and peace, and aborts the comprehensive reconciliation process in the country.

In a statement late Thursday, the General Secretariat called for the concerted efforts of all parties and working together to maintain the security and stability of Libya, and to place the supreme interests of Libya and the unity of its people and land above all considerations.

The Secretariat also affirmed that dialogue is the only way to resolve differences, stressing its support for the efforts of the United Nations aimed at achieving comprehensive national reconciliation in the country, through encouraging the Libyan national dialogue to bring about a comprehensive peace settlement.

Source: International Islamic News Agency