Nestle, Mindshare and Miaozhen Aim for Building China Leading Private DMP


BEIJING, May 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — A few days ago, Mindshare, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the World Leading Media Investment Company GroupM, in partnership with Miaozhen Systems DMP and programmatic reservation platform ReachMax, launched the first Chinese Programmatic Reservation Platform for Nestle.

 Nestle, Mindshare and Miaozhen Aim for Building China Leading Private DMP

As the business of programmatic buying is growing more rapidly in the Chinese market, the challenge brand owners are facing now is how to locate the equilibrium point between its audiences and premium resources. Nestle, a world renowned FMCG brand found itself has been facing the same issue in China.

Now, Nestle has taken a significant step of allying itself with Mindshare and Miaozhen Systems as they has built the first platform in China which allows mainstream video publishers conducting programmatic trading of reserved resources.

Charlie Wang, the Interactive Marketing Partner of Mindshare Beijing says: “Not only did DMP help our clients in central data management; it also improved our adverting operations among the targeted audience, making the efficient landing of programmatic buying a reality. As more high quality data comes in, DMP is expected to generate more values for our clients.”

At present, programmatic buying is still foreign to many brand advertisers in that most of them are concerned with how can programmatic buying ensuring high grade resources, Brand Index Optimization and Brand Safety. The Programmatic Reservation buying model initiated by the alliance of Nestle, Mindshare Media and Miaozhen DMP indeed opened a new chapter for Chinese programmatic buying.

In the future, Miaozhen is planning to gradually improve the Enterprise big data application process of the brand advertisers by advertising and website tracking, Data assets accumulation and DMP deployment. Meanwhile, Miaozhen will continue to introduce more high quality external data, big data based customer profiles and so on, in a bid to enforce the targeted advertising experience, and therefore maximize the value of advertising.

As a leading third-party marketing technology company in China, Miaozhen DMP has achieved many first places in its industry. Its 1st-party DMP positioning has become an effective data solution which provides targeted advertising with consideration to data security. And now, aided by its strong technical performance and professional programmatic insight, Miaozhen DMP has successful won the technical line of the Mindshare-Nestle project and it has been seen as a very positive approach for Chinese programmatic buying technology. Sun Fangchao, head of Miaozhen Systems North China Operations says: “Nestle and Mindshare have remarkable strategic vision, and at the outset they were able to look into the big picture, they planed for both mid-term and long-term data assets applications. And when it comes to selecting technical vendor, they put technology advancement, data security, precision and effectiveness first, that’s how Miaozhen got picked.”

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 Nestle, Mindshare and Miaozhen Aim for Building China Leading Private DMP

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