Kyrgyzstan taking action to combat terrorism, extremism: MP


Kyrgyzstan is taking a set of measures in the fight against terrorism and extremism, said MP Natalia Nikitenko, chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, Constitutional Legislation and State Structure.

Ms. Nikitenko made the statement during a roundtable event held Wednesday in the capital Bishkek, under the theme of "Introducing international standards for the effectiveness of prison administration, in order to prevent the spread of terrorism and violent religious extremism". She underlined that Kyrgyzstan is undertaking reforms in the judicial and law enforcement systems, and therefore very significant legislative changes are expected.

The MP stressed the importance of fighting the phenomena of extremism and terrorism, pointing out that the ideological element is indispensable in this respect. She demanded that the issue of terrorism and extremism should be tackled quickly and effectively.

Source: International Islamic News Agency