Khusro Bukhtiar lauds IDB’s support in socio-economic development of Pakistan


Minister for Economic Affairs Makhdoom Khusro Bukhtiar says Pakistan will share experience in fields of social protection and poverty alleviation, textile, diary and milk products under the South-South Cooperation.

He said this during the online launch of the report on “Mapping Pakistan’s Resource Centres, co-chaired by him and President of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Dr. Bandar Hajjar in Islamabad on Thursday.

The Minister said producing the report on the “Mapping of Pakistan’ Resource Centers” is an important milestone to highlight the level of development in four key sectors of the economy, including agriculture, agro-based industries, pharmaceuticals and information and communication technologies.

He appreciated the Islamic Development Bank’s support in socio-economic development of Pakistan.

Dr Bandar Hajjar appreciated the great potential of knowledge and expertise available in Pakistan and cherished that other member countries will benefit from this publication.


Source: Radio Pakistan

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