Karachi Zoo to Get a New Look


Karachi intends to restore its' zoo and its back to the drawing board for that purpose. The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has decided to decorate the walls of the zoo with animal pictures.

The KMC decided in a meeting at Karachi Zoo that the boundary wall will be painted with large animals. Besides that, sign boards will also be placed with names and information about the animals, birds and even old trees.

The reason behind revamping the zoo's look is to make it interesting enough to draw new visitors to the place.

The meeting was headed by the KMC Commissioner Dr Syed Saifur Rehman. Other attendees include Recreation Senior Director Mansoor Qazi, Aquarium Additional Director Ismail Shakir, Deputy Director Abida, Veterinary Dr Amir Ismail and Horticulturist Zamin Abbas.

Other than that, various animals and birds that remain in the zoo were inspected as well as their cages.

KMC Commissioner also decided that the gardeners, security guards and other staff members employed at the zoo should have a specific uniform. For this a private bank has been approached for consultation and selection of the uniforms.

The tidiness of the zoo was lauded during the inspection.

On the other hand, Pakistan's most famous and largest zoo the Lahore Zoo is faring far worse. While the Karachi zoo is revamping its outlook, the Lahore Zoo has swapped many of its wildlife attractions for amusement rides.

Although the rides do draw in more crowd, it takes away from the purpose of a zoo that is wildlife education.

Source: Pro Pakistan