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Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited’s shifting of registered office

Karachi: The Registered Office of the Company has been shifted to KESC House, 39-B, Senset Boulevard, Phase-II, Defence Aughority, Karachi, which has been duly notified in newspapers on 15 September 2011 for the information of KESC shareholders and general public.

We file, herewith, Farm-21 along with copy of newspapers clippings and paid challan bearing No. P-0326450 dated 19 September 2011 for Rs. 1,500 (Rupees Fifteen Hundred Only).

For more information, contact:
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited
3rd Floor, K.E.S.C House,
39-B, Senset Boulevard, Phase-II,
Defence Aughority, Karachi
Tel: 32637133
Fax: 9920 5147




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