Italian Foreign Ministry: We support efforts in support of the two-state solution and the launching of negotiations


ROME (Reuters) - Italy "strongly supports and supports efforts to support a two-state solution in line with the European position and the international consensus of the United Nations," said Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Emmanuel Del Rey on Wednesday. Palestinian and Israeli. "

"It is necessary to re-launch an effective process of negotiation between Israelis and Palestinians and to encourage all parties concerned to restore the spirit and vision of the Oslo Accords," she said during a hearing at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian House of Representatives on Italian foreign policy for peace and stability in the Mediterranean. In order to achieve the solution of two States living together in the context of mutual recognition and peace and security.

Del Rey said dramatic crises in Libya and Syria should not obscure the centrality of the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East region needed for stability in the region.

She stressed that Italy 's commitment to two - state solution must also be supported in important measures to support social and economic development of Palestine, especially refugees, reaching Italy 's contribution in support of the agency "UNRWA" about 14.8 million euros in 2018

Source: International Islamic News Agency