IKEA Official Reveals Whether IKEA is Coming to Pakistan


IKEA has officially responded to rumors of its initiating operations in Pakistan, telling a news outlet that “it has not announced any plans to start retail operations in Pakistan”.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Mohammad Faisal, had tweeted in December that IKEA was planning to establish a retail backdrop in Pakistan. In the now-deleted tweet, the ambassador claimed to have met the IKEA executive, Dieter Mettke, who had reportedly been planning to begin operations in Pakistan within the next few months.

Dr. Faisal’s tweet read:

Met Dieter Mettke. He is going to Pakistan to be in incharge of IKEA operations. We look forward to IKEA opening up stores in major cities of Pakistan.

The ambassador has deleted the controversial tweet and has been avoiding answering queries about IKEA.

In just over a week, IKEA clarified by saying, “while we look forward to exploring [plans for] expansion of purchasing operations in Pakistan, we have not announced plans to start IKEA retail operations in the country”.

The Range and Supply Office of the Swedish company further told the news outlet that “we are constantly evaluating potential new markets for the future”.

Although the ledger of the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) shows a company name with the credentials “IKEA TRADING (HONG KONG) LIMITED” registered in 2006, and another firm with the name “IKEA SUPPLY AG SWITZERLAND” registered in 2015, the official IKEA supply chain is currently not operating in Pakistan.


Source: Propakistani

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