How to Transform a Nation in Just 5 Years? China’s Blueprint for the Future Explored in New Documentary, ‘How China Works II’


“Discover how one nation’s innovations are shaping a world beyond its borders with a vision, pace, and scale unlike anywhere else – This is China, and this is ‘How China Works II’.”

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BEIJING, Sept. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — China, the most populous nation on earth and poster boy for rapid economic development, has set itself a series of incredible goals for transformation and modernisation by 2020. Three years in, how are they fairing? Architect Danny Forster returns with unprecedented access as he travels the length and breadth of the ‘Middle Kingdom’ to show the astonishing story of how these targets are being met and surpassed in the Discovery Channel’s latest Series, ‘How China Works II’. The latest instalment of the hit series will be aired on the Discovery Australia channel and New Zealand channel on 29th September.

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30,000KM of high-speed rail, 60,000 film screens, 700 key national labs, 74 new airports and an urbanisation rate of 60% are some of the lofty goals China hopes to achieve by 2020. They are also the goals China is set to achieve and, astonishingly, even surpass in the next few years, but how? During the series, Danny will explore the how’s and why’s of China’s unbelievable, mind-boggling journey. The new series, shot over three episodes, will explore the incredible ‘lifestyle revolution’ occurring within the middle-class; the impacts of a ‘network nation’ on the economy, film, entertainment industries and beyond; and world-record breaking infrastructure projects shaping the fabric of the nation.

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The second instalment in the ‘How China Works’ series was co-produced by the China Intercontinental Communication Centre and the Discovery Channel. The documentary was premiered at a ceremony in China on the 21st September to an audience of over 200 guests including, leading figures in the film and television industry, diplomatic envoys, the ministry of tourism and other government departments.

The series is to be aired on Discovery channel Australia and New Zealand on September 29th, followed by multiple locations around the world. For details on the new series and local airing times, please visit:

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