Govt to Finalize a Policy for Shale Oil & Gas Extraction

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Oil and gas have become the main concerns of Pakistan nowadays. With the ongoing need of resources, Pakistan is facing hardships regarding the needs of the locals. The government of Pakistan is set to come up with the policy of utilizing shale gas and oil in a useful way.

The policy is being processed under the conclusions of the study that was completed with the association of USAID, by casing upper and lower Indus Basin.

The officials have stated that the shale gas policy will be regulated after the final approval from the higher authorities. In 2015, with the collaboration of USAID, Pakistan was successful in uprooting almost 10,159 trillion cubic feet (TCF) Shale gas and 2,323 billion of stock tank barrels (BSTB) Shale oil in place resource.

In 2015 report, the task was handed over to Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) to extract the identified shale gas and oil with the proper estimation of cost behind the extraction of the resources.

The studies have concluded that there are up to 188TCF gas and 58 BSTB oil resources beneath different regions of Balochistan. However, those with high probability of extraction of reservoirs were almost 95 TCF gas and 14 BSTB oil.

The middle and lower regions of Indus includes Sindh, southern parts of Punjab and eastern parts of Balochistan. The study also identified the major analysis of 124 wells, examination of shale cores and extraction under the supervision of authorities in the United States. The study was mainly held to acknowledge the resources of Pakistan that are still under exploration. Shale gas and Oil recruitment, new findings, availability of the technical resources and the overall budget in the detection and manufacturing of resources are molded as recommendations for shale gas stratagems.

By keeping in touch with an exploration of resources, the petroleum house has created a separate wing of shale gas and oil center to be updated with the new arrivals of resources. The main target behind this initiative is to ease the petroleum authorities.

Source: Pro Pakistani