Gang Involved in Bike Theft Arrested in Karachi

A gang involved in motorcycle thefts and robberies across the city was apprehended with the aid of CCTV footage within the jurisdiction of the Aram Bagh police station on Thursday.

According to a District South police spokesperson, three members of the gang managed to remain hidden from law enforcers since last week after stealing motorcycles from MA Jinnah Road. The police obtained evidence from CCTV footage and conducted an operation to search and arrest the perpetrators.

Two of the motorcycles were stolen within the jurisdiction of the Nabi Bakhsh police station, while the other two were taken from the Aram Bagh neighborhood.

Recently, it was reported that Karachi is struggling with illegal Iranian petrol selling throughout the city. According to a media report, certain individuals have established illegal petrol distribution operations, frequently selling Iranian gasoline in plastic canisters.

This illicit trade not only poses serious threats to public safety but also undermines legitimate businesses and government efforts to regulate the petroleum industry.

Concerned citizens have also appealed to the authorities to take action against the illegal sale of fuel in an unsafe environment.

Source: Pro Pakistani