FBR Devises Plan to Register New Taxpayers in Far-Flung Areas


The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has devised a new plan to register new taxpayers living in far-flung areas in local districts and Tehsils with the help of District Taxation Officers Inland Revenue.

The new plan of the FBR for the documentation of unregistered persons will be executed during the current week.

The District Taxation Officers of the Inland Revenue Service would be used in all major cities of the country to register new taxpayers and conduct survives in those areas where the direct access of the Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) is limited. There are many adjacent areas to the RTOs where the Inland revenue officers’ powers, jurisdiction, and physical presence are limited.

The FBR is expected to activate the district taxation officers for the physical presence of the FBR in local districts for discovering new taxpayers, registration, and documentation, increasing tax collection from the under-reported areas, and improving tax compliance.

Under section 208 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, the FBR may appoint as many Chief Commissioners of Inland Revenue, Commissioners of Inland Revenue, Commissioners of Inland Revenue (Appeals), Additional Commissioners of Inland Revenue, Deputy Commissioners of Inland Revenue, Assistant Commissioners of Inland Revenue, Inland Revenue Officers, Inland Revenue Audit Officers, District Taxation Officer Inland Revenue, Assistant Director Audit, Superintendents Inland Revenue, Inspectors Inland Revenue, Auditors Inland Revenue and such other executive or ministerial officers and staff as may be necessary.

Source: Pro Pakistani