Electricity Prices Will Not Increase in The Future: Shaukat Tarin


The Federal Minister for Finance, Shaukat Tarin, said that power tariffs will not be increased in the future.

He said this on Sunday, and added that while taxpayers will not be burdened with more taxes, tax evaders will be jailed, and explained that the tax thieves will be located through modern technology and power bills, and put in jails.

While addressing a budget seminar, Minister Tarin stated, “Our priority is to achieve the targets for stable progress,” and added, “We consulted economic experts for economic improvement”.

He said that it is essential to increase exports to improve the economy and that more measures for the agricultural sector will be introduced in the upcoming budget along with ensured farmer-friendly policies.

The government had decided to create new categories of electricity tariffs on May 19, which will likely be implemented from 1 June 2021.

Once implemented, around eight million consumers will be out of the subsidy net. For now, nearly 22 million electricity consumers are availing of the subsidy, which will come down to 13.9 million consumers once the new categories of tariffs are implemented.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) will expand the definition of lifeline consumers to include the residential Non-Time of Use (ToU) consumers having a maximum of the last 12 months and the current month’s consumption of 100 units.

Source: Pro Pakistani