Double Swallow Soaring — Dongfeng Race Team returns to the top of the leader board

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CARDIFF, UK, June 12, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– On June 8, 2018, Dongfeng Race Team won the first place in the in-port race in  Cardiff, UK. At the awards ceremony that evening, Dongfeng Race Team was also  honored with the communication award of the event. As of this day, Dongfeng  Race Team recaptured the top spot in the total standings and got one step  closer to the season’s championship. The ninth leg of the Volvo Ocean Race came  to an end in Cardiff, UK. All teams are preparing to embark on the 10th leg for  Gothenburg, Sweden.


Dongfeng Race Team recaptured the top spot in the total standings

For Dongfeng Race Team, winning the first place in the current total standings  is not mere luck. It relies on long-term perspective, sound judgement, and  unremitting persistence. As is the case with Dongfeng Motor, the road to  internationalization has nothing to do with luck. It also requires a global  vision,strategic decision-making, and persevering efforts.

In the new era, Dongfeng Motor Corporation has made reinterpretation of the  historical connotation of its brand and released a brand new Dongfeng brand  strategy with the core value concept of “Quality, Intelligence, Harmony”.  Quality is the root of the Dongfeng brand of the new era, the most important gene in the blood of Dongfeng and the foundation of Dongfeng; Intelligence is the source of Dongfeng brand in the new era, a symbol of modern industrial civilization, and a source of winning the future; Harmony is the soul and faith

of the Dongfeng brand in the new era, epitomizing the relentless pursuit for brilliance of human nature. The trinity of “Quality”, “Intelligence” and “Harmony” will lead to comprehensive and vigorous development of Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

With the launch of the new brand strategy, Dongfeng Motor Corporation will be in full swing with the tailwind of the Belt and Road Initiative. Dongfeng will spare no effort in its course to build China into an auto powerhouse by telling a good story of the Dongfeng brand.Source: Dongfeng Motor Corporation

Source: Dongfeng Motor Corporation

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