CM Punjab Announces Decision on Extra Weekly Holiday for Schools in Lahore


The Punjab government has finally made its decision about whether to declare Wednesday as a public holiday for schools or not.

Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, has announced that the third day of the week will be a work day as usual.

Earlier, the provincial authorities were in discussion about granting an extra weekly holiday due to the concerning level of smog in Lahore. However, due to the better Air Quality Index (AQI), the government has decided against it.

In a statement on X (previously known as Twitter), CM Mohsin Naqvi wrote that he held a crucial meeting with his cabinet members. “Based on better Air Quality Index, Wednesday remains a regular workday,” he announced.

Furthermore, Naqvi added that the Secretary of Transport, district administration, and Police are acting against all air pollution sources. “We’re vigilant and taking proactive measures to keep the Air Quality Index under control,” he concluded.

Additionally, factories have been strongly warned against emitting more smoke than the prescribed limits and burning tires.

Moreover, Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners have been directed to initiate action against those responsible for burning crop residue.

To ensure the availability of high-quality and low-emission fuels to the public, Mohsin Naqvi has ordered strict measures against the sale of substandard fuel.

Furthermore, the construction industry has been issued guidelines as well to mitigate the level of smog, requiring them to cover sand and gravel and continuously sprinkle water at construction sites.

Source: Pro Pakistani