Closing session of Pakistan Navy Maritime exercise SEASPARK-2022 held in Karachi

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The Closing Session of Pakistan Navy's Major Maritime Exercise SEASPARK-2022 held in Karachi.

The Exercise was aimed to assess the combat readiness and operational preparedness of Pakistan Navy and validate war plans duly aligned with National Security Policy and military strategies while synergizing Naval Operations with Land and Air operations in conflict situations.

The exercise also afforded valuable opportunity to corroborate various operational concepts and re-align conceptual thought process in sync with operations as well as strategic imperatives.

Naval Chief Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi was the Chief Guest. The exercise was conducted in North Arabian Sea to validate operational plans designed under realities of ever-evolving geo-strategic environment.

Addressing the event the Naval Chief said the regional environment that continues to be infested with massive competition of interest, political instabilities and simmering conflict. He stressed the evolving character of war under the Grey Hybrid scenarios that possess complexity in understanding enemy's behaviour and determining response possibilities.

He said that Pakistan Navy is vigilant to offset enemy's quantitative leverages through superior professionalism, innovative tactics, perseverance and above all faith in Allah SWT.

He reiterated the resolve that Pakistan Navy stands fully prepared to ensure seaward defence and safeguard national maritime interest at all costs.

The session of the exercise was attended by high ranking officers from the Services and notable representatives from various Ministries.

Source: Radio Pakistan