Canadian-Pakistani Caught Growing Marijuana at His Home in DHA Karachi


Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan, a resident of an upscale neighborhood in Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Karachi, was caught growing marijuana at his rented home, as reported by Express Tribune.

Speaking at a press conference, Atif-ur-Rehman, Secretary of the Excise and Taxation and Narcotics Control Department, explained how Sarfaraz farmed marijuana using advanced and innovative methods.

According to Atif, Sarfaraz had converted rooms into temperature- and humidity-controlled environments using tools that one would not normally associate with gardening, such as air conditioners and specialized lighting.

Excise officials on a routine patrol stopped Sarfaraz and found liquor and cannabis in his vehicle. This led them to search his home, where they discovered a large indoor marijuana nursery.

Sarfaraz’s house was a marvel of illegal creativity. He used specially designed temperature-controlled boxes, similar to those used in food delivery services, to keep the plants in ideal conditions.

Each plant, housed in a traditional clay pot, had its own controlled environment, complete with LED lights and oxygen support, to ensure optimal growth.

Atif detailed that Sarfaraz used imported seeds, premium foreign fertilizers, and even brought in soil from overseas, all to produce a high-grade variant of the drug.

Items confiscated in the raid included 35 mature marijuana plants, various covers resembling cabins, multiple bags of imported fertilizer and foreign soil, seven boxes of seeds, temperature monitoring devices, and other assorted gardening equipment.

Atif was concerned about what this find meant for the city as a whole. He warned that there could be other similar marijuana farming in Karachi. Sarfaraz has been arrested and is being held in custody. He will appear before a magistrate for further proceedings.

Atif urged the community, especially parents, to be aware of rising drug activities, even hinting at the presence of drugs in educational institutes.

Atif ended by talking about the challenges facing his department, especially the need for more modern equipment to fight these advanced crimes. Since the beginning of the month, they have registered 14 drug cases, arresting 15 people and seizing a large quantity of drugs and alcohol.

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Source: Pro Pakistani