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Alfalah GHP Investment Management – Daily Fund Prices


Date Offer Price Redemption Price
Alfalah GHP Value Fund (AGVF) Aug 16, 2011 51.16 48.72
Alfalah GHP Income Multiplier Fund (AGIMF) Aug 16, 2011 51.7431 50.2360
Alfalah GHP Islamic Fund (AGIF) Aug 16, 2011 55.40 52.76
Alfalah GHP Alpha Fund (AGAF) Aug 16, 2011 54.66 52.06
Alfalah GHP Cash Fund (AGCF) Aug 16, 2011 503.60 503.60


Date NAV Redemption Price
Alfalah GHP Principal Protected Fund-II (AGPPF-II) Aug 16, 2011 51.95  49.87


For more information, contact:
G. Mustafa Khalil Abbasi
Alfalah GHP Investment Management Limited
B.A. Building, Main I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi- Pakistan
Tel: +9221 241 4030 -39
Email: info@alfalahghp.com




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