Pakistan’s school for orphans ‘KORT’ wins prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize

Pakistan's school for orphans 'KORT' has won the prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize at COP28, Dubai.

The school is for children who became orphan during the 2005 earthquake.

Sumaiya Bibi a student of the school received the award on behalf of the school.

Zayed Sustainability Prize honours the legacy of UAE's founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan by rewarding small and medium enterprises, non-profit organisations and educational institutions that are addressing climate related challenges.

Source: Radio Pakistan

Sindh Rejects Rs. 2 Billion Demand for Rangers, Gives Rs. 3.3 Billion to Schools

The caretaker government of Sindh has turned down a proposal, seeking Rs. 2 billion for Rangers to procure vehicles and anti-riot gear, including water cannons and communication equipment.

According to details, the proposal was presented by the provincial home department, informing the cabinet about the requirements of the paramilitary force. The home department stated that rangers need Rs. 2 billion for anti-riot gear, as they support the Sindh police in crowd management.

Furthermore, the cabinet was also informed about the need to increase the operational capacity of the Rangers due to the upcoming general elections. However, the cabinet decided against providing the requested funds and instead allocated Rs. 357 million for buying anti-riot gear and vehicles.

On the other hand, the cabinet approved Rs. 3.3 billion for the repair of around 9,900 school buildings in different districts of the province, including 1,015 in Karachi, 4,520 in Hyderabad and 4,366 in Sukkur.

These school buildings have been identified as the appropriate locations for setting up polling stations during the upcoming general elections.

According to the school education department, the concerned deputy commissioners and executive engineers of these districts chose the schools for polling stations. However, their repair and maintenance would cost Rs. 3.3 billion, which was approved by the cabinet.

After the approval of the cabinet, sources told a media outlet that it would take weeks for the education department to get the money in its accounts. Additionally, the tendering process is also expected to take some time, leaving minimal time for the completion of the repair work.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Pakistan Youth Leadership Initiative Aims to Uplift Youngsters Across The Country

The Pakistan Youth Leadership Initiative (PYLI), a program focused on youth development, has been established through a partnership between the British Council Pakistan and Education Above All.

This three-year initiative, spearheaded by the British Council Pakistan, will be executed in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan’s Youth Development Program, UNDP Pakistan, local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and public universities.

Funding for this project is jointly provided by the Education Above All Foundation, specifically through its “Reach Out to Asia” (ROTA) program, as part of its “Global Citizenship Education for Climate Action” (GCED) initiative. The formal agreement for this collaboration was signed at the 11th WISE Summit in Doha on November 28.

The goal of the PYLI project is to empower young men and women in Pakistan to be knowledgeable about social and ethical principles and to embrace diversity through inclusive and responsible initiatives that contribute to the local, national, and global agendas for sustainable development, with a focus on climate action.

By prioritizing high-quality education for youth, the project aims to build a strong foundation for each new generation in Pakistan, fostering a society that is both prosperous and environmentally conscious.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Hi-Speed Motorcycles to Launch Electric Bikes in Pakistan

After Yadea officially launched its first electric bike in Pakistan, another Chinese electric bike manufacturer, TAILG, is set to introduce its bikes in the local market.

The Chinese company recently announced its partnership with Hi-Speed Motorcycles to introduce and market its electric bikes in Pakistan under the brand “TAILG”.

The two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding in China recently, when a team led by Hi-Speed Motorcycles’ Director Operations, Azmat Ali Chisty, visited the country.

The collaboration between Hi-Speed and TAILG aims to “revolutionize” the two-wheel industry and significantly reduce traveling costs by bringing eco-friendly and innovative electric mobility solutions to the Pakistani consumer market.

TAILG claims that its bikes are incredibly economical to run compared to traditional petrol-powered bikes. Following the signing of the MoU, Hi-Speed Motorcycles has started teasing its EV bikes on its social media.

“Get ready to ride the future with Hi-Speed Razzy Motors. Our electrifying EV bikes are on the horizon. Stay tuned for the ultimate eco-friendly journey,” one of its social media posts read.

However, it is still unclear which specific models of electric bikes the company will be launching. TAILG offers a variety of electric bikes in the international market, including the Lion King model, XTM, FGYY-5000, LONGBAO, and a few more.

We are expected to get more information about the models that will be launched in Pakistan and their prices very soon.

Source: Pro Pakistani

شنگھائی تعاون تنظیم کے روایتی طب فورم کا افتتاح

شنگھائی تعاون تنظیم کے روایتی طب فورم کا آغاز ہوا۔

نان چانگ، چین، یکم دسمبر 2023ء/سنہوا-ایشیانیٹ/– شنگھائی تعاون تنظیم کے روایتی میڈیسن فورم کا آغاز 30 نومبر 2023ء کو صوبہ جیانگسی کے گنجیانگ نیو ڈسٹرکٹ میں ہوا جس کا موضوع “وراثت اور جدت طرازی، اتحاد اور تعاون، روایتی ادویات کی صنعت کی اعلیٰ معیار کی ترقی کو فروغ دینا” تھا۔

ماخذ: شنگھائی تعاون تنظیم روایتی طب فورم

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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Traditional Medicine Forum opened

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Traditional Medicine Forum opened.

NANCHANG, China, Dec. 1, 2023 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Traditional Medicine Forum opened in Ganjiang New District, Jiangxi Province on November 30, 2023, with the theme of “Inheritance and innovation, unity and cooperation, promoting high-quality development of traditional medicine industry”.

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