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  • پينګټانګ قدرتی توانائی او پہ سمندری اشتراک کښي د اخپل فرائض تر سرہ کوی

    سوژ و چین  10 ستمبر 2020/ پی آر نیوز واټر/  — پہ 6 ستمبر لہ چینایی مرکزي ټي وی کے یو ایچ ډي چینل (سی سی ټی وي 4 کے(پہ پرائم ټايم باندی وړاندي کولو ولا رنګين فل پرتګال ډاکومينټري پہ دوران کښي پينګټانګ ونډ فلوټ ايټلانټک )ډبليو ایف اے( سب مرین پاور ټرانسميشن ای […]

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  • Prime Minister Inaugurates Roshan Digital Accounts

    Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Roshan Digital Account in a ceremony in Islamabad. The Roshan Digital Account is a new initiative of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) in partnership with major banks in Pakistan. The Roshan Digital Account is for non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs). Through this account, NRPs will be fully integrated with Pakistan’s…

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  • FBR announces to introduce automated system of e-filing of appeals

    Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced to introduce automated system of e-filing of appeals. In a webinar session with petitioners, the Board said the automation system will be launched soon to enable the taxpayers to e-file appeals against orders by income tax authorities on the Iris Web Portal. This will also facilitate the Commissioner…

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  • Pakistan invites German companies to invest in different sectors

    Pakistan has invited German companies to invest in different sectors, including Agriculture, Information Technologies, Tourism and Renewable Energy. The invitation was given by Foreign Secretary Suhail Mahmood while representing Pakistan at the 5th session of Pakistan-Germany Strategic Dialogue via video conference. The Foreign Secretary briefed on the economic development and investment opportunities in Pakistan, including…

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