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ترکی میں کرپٹوکرنسی کے ذریعے جائیداد خریدنا اب ممکن انطالیہ ہومز کے ساتھ

استنبول، 6 مارچ 2019ء/پی آرنیوزوائر/– گزشتہ سال میں کئی ڈجیٹل کرنسیوں بالخصوص بٹ کوائن کی قدر میں کمی کے باوجود Statista کا ڈیٹا ظاہر کرتا ہے کہ مختلف کرپٹوکرنسی والٹ مالکان کی تعداد 2018ء کے اختتام تک 32 فیصد اضافے

Federal govt will play its part to address problems faced by Sindh: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the federal government will play its part to address the problems faced by the people of Sindh.Talking to Governor Sindh Imran Ismail in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said wellbeing of the people of Sindh

IAF Shot Down Its Own Helicopter on Feb 27: Indian Media

Indian helicopter that went down the same day Pakistan shot down two of Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft was shot by an Indian jet, Indian media reports claim.IPA News Agency has reported citing its sources wellplaced in IAF that the

OIC chief lauds outcome of 46th Council of Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Abu Dhabi

Jeddah Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr. Yousef AlOthaimeen commended the outcome of the 46th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, held in Abu Dhabi, paying tribute to the United Arab Emirates for making...

Bird extinctions driven by global food trade

According to a new global analysis, about 100 bird species are predicted to go extinct based on current farming and forestry practices.The research, published in the journal, Nature Ecology and Evolution says that this number has increased by

ISESCO to participate in preparatory workshop for Dubai conference on relief and development

Rabat The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) will participate in a workshop to be held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, next Monday, in preparation for the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conferen...