Daily Archives: February 8, 2019

Fish pass mirror test, but does it mean they’re self-aware?

Scientists report that a fish can pass a standard test of recognizing itself in a mirror � and they raise a question about what that means.Does this decades-old test, designed to show self-awareness in animals, really do that?Since the mirror

Investment opportunities rapidly increasing in Sindh: Imran Ismail

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail says investment opportunities are rapidly increasing in Sindh after improving law and order situation in the province.He was talking to Australian High commissioner Margret Adamson, who called on him Karachi today.The Govern...

Private Travel Operators Agree to Lower Hajj Package Cost

Following the criticism on PTI government for not providing a subsidy on Hajj 2019, the private travel operators have joined hands to come up with a solution.According to a local media report, the private travel operators of the country have