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BNP Paribas accused of anti-Semitism, violating Israeli anti-terrorism laws and committing forgery

Tel Aviv, Israel, 11 July 2017 – Ruth Agam, an Israeli national, filed a lawsuit against BNP Paribas, France’s largest bank, in the Tel Aviv District court, adding claims of fraud and deception to a

“Mind the (breach) gap”: Gemalto research reveals businesses overly confident about keeping hackers at bay, but less so about keeping data safe

  • 94% of IT professionals feel perimeter security is effective at keeping unauthorized users out of their networks
  • However, 65% are not extremely confident their data would be secure if perimeter defences were breached and 68%

‫أبحاث “جيمالتو” تكشف عن ارتفاع ثقة شركات الشرق الأوسط بالتصدي للقراصنة ولكنهم أقل ثقة بشأن الحفاظ على سلامة البيانات

  • 84 بالمئة من المتخصصين في تكنولوجيا المعلومات في المنطقة يثقون بفعالية إجراءات الأمن المحيطي في التصدي للمستخدمين غير المصرح لهم
  • 66 بالمئة ليسوا واثقين تماما بشأن أمن بياناتهم في حال اختراق دفاعات الأمن المحيطي، و74


Second phase of return of Temporarily Displaced Persons of North Waziristan Agency from Afghanistan has resumed.

Incharge TDP Camp at Baka Khel near Bannu, Shah Daraz told our Peshawar correspondent more than eighty families comprising …

Thousands across India protest against violent attacks on Muslims

New Delhi (IINA) - Thousands of Indians gathered recently in several cities to protest recent violent attacks across the country targeting minority Muslims, according to media reports.

Carrying placards saying "Not in my name," the …